The Most Popular Areas For Costa Rica Fishing Charters

Welcome to Offshore Trips and specifically to the fishing regions that we operate in from around the Pacific coast of beautiful Costa Rica. Make no mistake, this is serious fishing territory particularly when it comes to billfish so, if you are considering sportfishing charters in Costa Rica, choosing one of our options is a good start. For ease of reference, we have split the Pacific fishing grounds into regions from north to south.

Guanacaste Region

Located in the top northwest corner of Costa Rica, this area follows the Pacific coast from the Nicaraguan border in the north to the Nicoya Peninsula in the south. Liberia Airport (Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport) is conveniently positioned to bring fishing enthusiasts to this region. We operate at two resorts in this area, both offering Costa Rica boat charters – Papagayo and Tamarindo.

Papagayo Fishing Options – The name means “parrot” and there are plenty of them around. Arguably, the best destination for year-round sports fishing with excellent catches in an idyllic tropical climate makes Papagayo a great place to enjoy some serious angling.

Not just a fishing resort or a coastal hideaway, this is also an incredibly lush area of Costa Rica and a perfect place for communing with nature in many ways. Our Papagayo fishing charter operates out of Papagayo Marina located at the northern end of Culebra Bay with its pristine blue waters.

Tamarindo Fishing Charters – Sure, it is a small town, but this does not detract from the fabulous Tamarindo fishing on offer barely an hour’s boat trip out on the Pacific Ocean. What it may lack in city appeal probably serves as Tamarindo’s greatest asset.

Remember though that fishing trips Costa Rica-style would be the main reason for choosing Tamarindo as your preferred vacation destination. Peak season means to book your Costa Rican sport fishing charters well in advance.

costa rica fishing areas

Nicoya Peninsula Region

This area hugs the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean and borders on the Guanacaste region in the north, with the Nicoya Peninsula forming the southern boundary. Offshore Trips is pleased to confirm two active resorts in this region – Nosara and Samara.


Fishing in Nosara – The Guanacaste Coast is highly regarded in sport fishing circles, and Nosara is right up there at the top when it comes to fun and entertainment. Famous for its magnificent billfish, Nosara is right in the center of the action when you feel like challenging the big boys, but you will have to be fit and patient in the magnificent billfish skirmishes in this region. Sailfish, Marlin, and Swordfish are all regular callers and enjoy taking on all-comers. Offshore Trips offers the full monty in terms of getting to where the real rod action is.

Samara Fishing Adventures – Samara is a short car ride from Nosara to the north. This resort is home to recreational fishing with the local coastal waters providing some of the best sports fishing found anywhere around the Costa Rican Pacific coast, or any other part of the globe.

Hire one of Offshore Trips’ boat charters and you will soon be out among the denizens of the deep. Among the list of impressive fish that anglers can expect to pit their wits against are the like of Sailfish and Marlin, Grouper and Roosterfish, as well as Dorado and Tuna. This is but a sample list!

Central Pacific Region

This region serves as the nearest playground for the bulk of the Costa Rican population living in big cities like San Jose. Offshore Trips is delighted to confirm that we have two resorts here at Los Suenos and Jaco Costa Rica fishing resort.

Los Suenos Fishing – Hiring a charter boat from Offshore Trips means you can use our experienced crew to get to where the real fishing action is. Within one hour, our boat will whisk you out to an angler’s dream-come-true with some of the best sport fishing waters on the planet. No wonder then that this resort is popular when it comes to fishing tournaments and competitions.

If you prefer to go it alone and just enjoy a day out at sea without the pressures of competition, no problem for us. Offshore Trips will tailor something to suit you and your group if you just tell our crew your preferences. That just leaves you to prepare for a day full of adventure as you set off from probably the finest marina in Central America.

Jaco Costa Rica Fishing Charters – Booking suitable accommodation is the least of your worries when you decide to visit Jaco because there are plenty of options with due regard to seasonal peaks. The most important booking is for your charter fishing boat, and this is where Offshore Trips can help. Our boats operate out of Herradura Bay just a couple of miles north of Jaco. We will help you plot a course to some of the best fishing grounds off Costa Rica’s Pacific coast. Remember to factor in peak seasons, when folk from the hinterland like to descend on Jaco because of its proximity to the capital city of San Jose.

South Central Region

The marina resort of Quepos is now synonymous with quality bill fishing and international sport fishing competitions. Quepos is located in the South Central Pacific Region, and Offshore Trips operates out of this fine marina town.

Quepos Fishing Adventures – The fact that 150,000 visitors arrive here annually says it all. Pez Vela Marina is just southeast of town and serves as the launching site for Quepos fishing adventures. Central Quepos is delightful and has a variety of accommodations, which include one of the best hostels in Costa Rica. Remember to experience the vibrant restaurant scene when you visit. Offshore Trips offers fishing charters from Quepos.

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