Best Jaco Fishing Charters Right Here

You need a break from routine and want to let loose. Our mind-stimulating action packed Jaco sport fishing packages are going to take you to new horizons. So excitingly different and all set against an idyllic tropical backdrop, our Jaco fishing boats promise you an experience that will compel you to return each year to as you take on the challenge of luring and landing some of the liveliest fish species found on the planet.

When you get to Jaco, Costa Rica fishing charters are but one of the myriads of attractions and activities to keep you busy and it has to be like that, because thousands of local and international visitors come here on vacation each year. The biggest attraction has to be the rich Jaco, Costa Rica sportfishing out in the open Pacific Ocean although there are other faces to Jaco fishing closer inshore.

Getting To Your Jaco SportFishing Charter

jaco beach photoIt is no coincidence that Jaco is the closest fully developed beach zone to the Costa Rica capital, San Jose. A modern highway links the nation’s economic powerhouse to the sun-drenched beaches on the west coast, and it takes little more than two hours journey time during which avid anglers can start planning for the days ahead. On arrival, you will soon see why Jaco is the world-renowned Central American destination of note that it is, and it always offers its visitors a fabulous WELCOME! When you live in an environment like this, you want to brag about it but in Costa Rica, we prefer to share our tropical treasures with our lovely visitors. So put

Fish Species That You Encounter On Our Jaco Fishing trips:

• Sailfish – Ernest Hemingway said only a personal encounter would suffice!
• Dorado – Dinner is taken care of if you land one of these beauties.
• Yellow-fin Tuna – Common visitor and fighter of note
• Marlin – Top of most angler’s wish list

When you are done out on the amazing fishing playgrounds, you still have the pleasant ride back to the calm, protected waters. Then the evening revelry can begin. Put yourself in our care, replace your city clothes with fun holiday kit and then get ready to get some action!

  • Boat: GO FISH - 31Ft. - Max 5 Persons - Full Day US$1350 - Half Day US$1250

  • Boat: BLUE DAZE - 40Ft. - Max 6 Persons - Full Day US$2000 - Half Day US$1500

Fishing In Jaco, Costa Rica specialize in fishing around Costa Rica, and Jaco is just one of the many great places available. We aim to make your stay a memorable one and the dream fishing expedition begins within an hour’s journey from nearby Los Suenos Marina. If we don’t locate the fish we are looking for soon, we jump on the radio and find out where the fish are hiding. The journey starts with one of our adrenalin pumping boat charter options out of this magnificent gateway to the Pacific. Just climb aboard and stand by for some amazing action.

Unlocking the Secrets of Paradise

Finding suitable accommodations is almost as easy as catching fish on one of our Jaco, Costa Rica fishing trips. Jaco evolved with tourism and the visitor in mind, so you will find a variety hotels and resorts from which to choose. Whether you prefer an ocean view or a cooling experience in the rain forest – the choice is yours. While Jaco may not have its own marina or fishing port, it certainly has a combination of suitable accommodations to suit every pocket. From midrange Cabinas to luxury Jaco Beach Condos and even budget entry level, you will find what you are looking for. Los Suenos Marina in the sheltered Herradura Bay area is where OffShore launch boats, and it is located a few kilometers and a pleasant 15-minute drive to the north of Jaco.

Internationally Acclaimed Los Suenos Marina

Rest assured, boat owners are well looked after with the very best amenities on offer at this superb safe haven. Access to the rich fishing grounds of the Pacific Ocean is just a couple of moments out to sea at the most. As we head smoothly out of Los Suenos Marina on one of our “Jaco Costa Rica fishing trips”, the real adventure begins.

Jaco Amenities

You have settled into your accommodation, and now it is time to take a gentle stroll around the pleasant streets of Jaco and take in the carnival atmosphere. Jaco has a unique character all of its own, and you will encounter families, eco-tourists, backpackers, and even business travelers. Spot the hippies and surfers hanging loose in rustic beach bars, overlooked by fabulous oceanfront hotels and resorts. Jaco has plenty of restaurants where you can enjoy a great selection of Central American food flavors. If you prefer well-known joints like KFC and Subway, they are dotted all over Jaco’s busy precincts.