Fishing In Nosara Is Always A Fun Adventure

Thinking About A Fishing Adventure When In Nosara, Costa Rica? Welcome and Greetings from the tropics! Thanks for dropping by our website – we are delighted you inquired and will now justify your reason for choosing one of our very special Nosara fishing trips. This village has a castaway appearance about it that makes everybody want to linger longer – no problem with that and we hope you will want to stay on here too. What you are setting the course for is an adventure that will beat all the hype in cyberspace on the subject of fish and fishing. This will prove a real and tangible experience as we convince you that the world’s best deep-sea fishing at Nosara starts right here.

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    Boat: SPORTSMAN - 33Ft. - Max 6 Persons - Full Day US$1000 - Half Day US$850

Finding Nosara and Getting There

Nosara fishing offers the visitor a lovely environment in which to relax and take in the scenery while enjoying the dry Pacific climate in the northwestern corner of our beautiful Costa Rica. The closest international entry point is Liberia Airport, otherwise known as Daniel Oduber Quiros International. Good private shuttle services are available to take you to Nosara, or you can hire a vehicle at the airport and make your own way via Nicoya.

The road connecting Nicoya to Nosara is fine as long as you moderate your speed. Kindly note that there are lots of serious speed bumps, particularly when approaching towns and villages. Watch out for narrow bridges and you may have to drive through water when crossing some rivers. Tip: avoid night driving. This is a remote region of Costa Rica, and the area does not have the transport infrastructure found around towns and cities. At least when you reach Nosara, you won’t be competing with large numbers of visitors and vacationers, and accommodation is plentiful.

Nosara Weather Patterns

Nosara fishing beachThe dry climate experienced in the Northwest Pacific area of Costa Rica is most conducive to great sports fishing in the Pacific off the coast of Nosara. The entire west coast experiences steady year-round temperatures with pleasant daytime highs in the upper 80s and lower 90s F and around 10 degrees F lower at night. Rainfall occurs evenly throughout the year.

A Typical Day’s Fishing from Nosara

As locals know so well fishing in the waters around Nosara has long been the stuff of legend, and now we are prepared to share our secrets with our esteemed visitors. The Guanacaste coastline is renowned in sportfishing circles – we call it the sport fishing Nosara experience. Large, hard-fighting pelagic billfish such as Sailfish, Swordfish, Blue, Black and Striped Marlin are out there in numbers in these waters. On previous trips, we found the charter boat surrounded by graceful Spinner Dolphins within minutes of setting out to sea. Dolphins communicate in ways we do not understand, and soon more of them join in the fun and pace the boat. In next to no time we reach billfish territory, and it is time to trawl with lures. The real excitement begins when a billfish grabs the lure because it is game on from here. It can take a while for your catch to throw in the towel and even then, there are no guarantees that you will get to haul your conquest onto the deck. Once landed, it is time for some photos before placing your trophy back in the water and sending it on its way to fight another day.

Fly Fishing Nosara, Costa Rica

It is not just about billfish in Nosara because there is plenty of action on offer from an impressive selection of other fish just a mile off the coast. These waters attract a spread of different species that includes Yellowfin Tuna, Black Tuna, White Tuna and Wahoo. Even Marlin and Sailfish are common catches in this zone. Adventure is what we promise, and Nosara fly-fishing is part of the action, so be prepared for the adrenalin pumping thrills out on the water on one of our boat charters. All this and less than a mile from Nosara Beach!

Time to get Booked and Hooked!

While planning your Costa Rican fishing adventure, you probably had no idea of what you were taking on with so many options open. Our “Nosara fishing charters” offer a fantastic adventure out to sea. Whether it is billfish or snook fishing, Nosara has some great fishing adventures lined up for you. We plan to make your visit the experience of a lifetime. To be “hooked”, you need to get booked.