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Overview Of The Best Time To Fish In Costa Rica.

We decided that the best way to inform our clients about the seasonal variations applying to Costa Rica deep-sea fishing calendars would be by way of a simple table as a quick reference guide. Please note that it is a guideline only and not a train or airline timetable, as seasonal variations do occur with general weather and climatic conditions playing an important role. Please review the following table in conjunction with our notes below it. While there is no such thing as a “poor” fishing season in Costa Rica’s Pacific Ocean, some months do offer better opportunities for individual fish species.

costa rica fishing calendar

Accessing The Best Fishing In Costa Rica

While there are a number of options, Liberia Airport – otherwise known as Daniel Oduber Quiros International – is the main gateway for the best deep-sea fish in Costa Rica sport fishing spots. On arrival, you can opt to self-drive to the resort you have chosen and make your way to the coast, or you can avail of one of the regular private shuttle services to get you to your destination. Whichever resort you chose, you will find the best fishing in Costa Rica on offer. So, when is the best time to deep-sea fish in Costa Rica? The options are virtually limitless, but our focus is on the following areas in conjunction with the seasonal fishing chart above:

A. Los Suenos
B. Jaco
C. Quepos
D. Papagoya
E. Tamarindo
F. Nosara
G. Samara

Each of these fabulous destinations has a uniqueness all of its own, and each vies for the crown in terms of the best fishing Costa Rica has to offer. You can read more about them by heading to the fishing charter tab in the menu above. These renowned fishing areas evolved as a direct result of the Costa Rica sport-fishing calendar when visitors arrive from all over the world to partake in their favorite sport. They are spoilt when it comes to choices, and they can focus on which is the best Costa Rica fishing season for them to arrive and join in the fishing frenzy.

Weather Patterns

While “Costa Rica fishing seasons” rely on predictable tropical climatic patterns, some seasonal variations do occur. Much depends on fish migratory patterns, with the game fish following changing feeding trends wherever they happen to be in the ocean waters. This makes the use of our chart all the more important before deciding when to book one of our fishing charters.

When To Fish In Costa Rica

We have based our seasonal trends chart on fishing records and statistics, as well as on general reviews doing the rounds. This is important input as it assists in deciding when would be the best time to seek out a specific fish species. Moreover, our fishing charter crew has enviable experience and knowledge of the ocean around our west coast, and this helps our clients immensely when it comes to choosing the best time to fish in Costa Rica.

Booking Essentials

As with all popular pursuits, booking in advance not only secures your preferred fishing charter dates, it means you can arrive with peace of mind. Sure, some seasons are going to be busier than others are, and we will guide you at the time of booking. Tournaments play an important role too, as these sport-fishing competitions tend to grab all available boats for the duration of these special events. The best advice we can give you is to secure your booking for your fishing charter first and fit the travel arrangements and accommodations around them.