Info About The Costa Rica Fishing License

Costa Rica is a country with a lot of regulations. Definitely when it comes to the nature and how you behave outdoors. The INCOPESCA, the Costa Rica Fisheries Institute requires you to have a Costa Rica Fishing License. This license costs the same for a local (Tico) or a foreigner. When booking a trip with OffShoreTrips, you do not have to arrange this in advance.  Some, but certainly not all operators have included this in the price of the charter. As a registered fisherman in Costa Rica you can add other people and process licenses for everybody that is going to fish during the trip. But this depends on where the fishing boat is docked and in what area. To give you a bit of an idea of the prices, see table image below.

Where Can I Get The Fishing License In Costa Rica?

The license can be obtained at the marina where your fishing boat leaves from. You will have a representative of the Costa Rica Fisheries Institute present at the docks of the marinas. Your captain and crew will help you with the purchase of the license. Depending on how long you’re planning to stay in Costa Rica and how much you’re going to fish during your vacation, you can choose which version you need. It’s all standard formality, but it’s a must. You do not want to get a fine or put your captain in trouble. In the image below you can see the price of the fish license you need in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Fishing License


Get Your License And Go Fish!