2018 Costa Rica Fishing Tournament Info

Costa Rica Sport Fishing Tournaments, or if you prefer competitions are part of the incentive programs for competitive fisher folk in Costa Rica. Regular challenges take place in many of the fishing resorts and some even count towards the prestigious Offshore World Championship, the grand event of all offshore fishing competitions. Naturally, many of our clients simply want to visit Costa Rica to enjoy a couple of days out on the Pacific in search of billfish rather than to partake in actual billfish tournaments. Some want the full on the action of an exciting adventure offered by any of the saltwater fishing tournaments.
For the more ambitious angler, the entry criteria for the Offshore World Championship is quite strict – click here to view the pre-conditions set for the event held earlier this year in offshore waters off Quepos. The next “Quepos Costa Rica fishing tournamentOffshore World Championship 2018 will take place in Quepos again on the following dates: April 15 – 20, 2018.


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Costa Rica Fishing Tournament – Carnival Time

costa rica fishing tournamentWhen saltwater fishing tournaments arrive at a chosen venue, a special ambiance and atmosphere prevails around the resort where the event takes place. Event planning requires military precision, as tournaments have to coincide with the best fishing conditions from both a fish as well as a weather viewpoint. Reservations need to be confirmed well ahead of the actual occasion to make sure that there is sufficient accommodation for the competitors, crews, and visitors. Charter boats and crews are booked as soon as the event dates are made known, as competitors arriving from other countries make use of the local boats. Restaurants have to be prepared for the influx of people and the exciting challenges taking place every night. Tourist shops need to stock up with all manner of souvenirs and the townsfolk need to ensure that their resort is in tiptop condition to host the event.
As the clock counts down to Costa Rica world fishing tournaments, people start arriving from all over the world and the festivities can begin as the resort swells in size with the arrival of excited competitors and visitors alike. Let the sport fishing games begin, as this is what makes Costa Rica’s Pacific West coast so famous.

Los Suenos Costa Rica Fishing Tournament

Fishing tournaments like Los Suenos Signature Triple Crown Billfish series have been literally off the charts for the last two years. These challenges provide an excellent opportunity for sponsors to come face to face with their target audience in a relaxed yet competitive atmosphere.

2017 Los Sueños Signature Triple Crown tournament – 52 Teams Participated – Overall during the 9 days (3 legs) of competition a total of 3,141 billfish were released. 302 of these were Marlin (Blue, Black, Striped) which was an increase of 279 more Marlin caught during the 2017 tournament than in the 2016 tournament.

As a result, Los Suenos has received wide media coverage around the world and is emerging as the billfish capital of the planet. This, in turn, generates intense among some of the top bill fishing teams around the globe.

The next 2018 Signature Triple Crown Series Tournament for billfish will take place from Herradura Bay and Los Suenos Marina in close succession on the following dates:

Los Suenos 2018 Tournament Dates:

Leg I: January 18th, 19th & 20th, 2018

Leg II: March 1st, 2nd & 3rd, 2018

Leg III: March 22nd, 23rd & 24th, 2018

To give you a taste of what takes place during a typical tournament, we can show you a previous Triple Crown Series event program from Los Suenos Marina and Herradura Bay for the first quarter:

First Day Program
13h00 to 16h00 – Check-in and registration at special tents at a local restaurant.
17h00 to 18h00 – Compulsory Captains and Observers meeting at the same venue used for registration.

Second, Third and Fourth Day Activities
05h00 – Observer assignments handed out at the Hook Up session.
06h00 – Boats depart from Herradura Bay and Los Suenos Marina.
08h00 – Lines in the water (long day ahead)
16h00 – Lines out of water and boats back to the base.
17h00 – Cocktail hour at the marina.
19h00 – Scorecards to the scoring committee

Also, dinner and awards ceremony will be held at the Los Suenos Beach Club to close the event.

To see the rest of the event schedule, click here.

costa rica fishing tournament Los Suenos Signature Triple Crown Billfish series

Taking Part In A Fishing Tournament In Costa Rica

If you are keen to take part in one of these fabulous billfish tournaments, the first thing you need to do is secure a boat charter for the event, and this is precisely what Offshore Trips does for you. We can also assist with arranging the necessary fishing license. Our charter boats are ideal for the perfect fishing tournament in Costa Rica. Once you have secured your fishing charter boat through us, you can go ahead with your travel and accommodation bookings. The important consideration is to book your boat first, and the rest will easily fall in place. Remember, the sooner you book your boat charter through us the better. Decent boats are as scarce as hen’s teeth during any Costa Rica World Fishing Tournament!